When you give, you help children and their families escape poverty through life-changing interventions.

Donate to Compassion

Please make your payment to our bank account in Sweden:
IBAN: SE48 8000 0832 7992 3514 0648

On your payment, please indicate to which of the areas below you want to donate, or let us allocate your donation where it’s currently most needed by marking your payment ”Where most needed”.

Water and Sanitation

More than 2 billion of the world's population today do not have access to clean water. Every day, about 800 children die before five years due to dirty water, lack of toilets and poor knowledge of hygiene. The money is used, for example, to drill wells and build storage systems to handle rainwater, filter water, build toilets and washrooms. When you donate to the Water and Sanitation Fund, you contribute to development and better health in the communities where the sponsored children live.

Critical needs

Sometimes things happen to the children in our programs, which we cannot foresee or prevent. There may be a need for clean water or disaster relief. Compassion also has many projects to prevent HIV/AIDS, prevent trafficking in human beings, help improve educational opportunities and medical assistance. By your donation you help us to change the world for our beneficiaries.

Health program for mothers and infants

Through Compassion's health program for mothers and infants, mothers and infants are protected from danger. Malnourished children get nutritious food and mothers and guardians learn how to best take care of their children. We help and support mothers through their pregnancies and births and teach them about hygiene and how to best take care of their newborns.

Children without sponsors

Finding a sponsor for a child who has recently been enrolled in Compassion's program can take time, sometimes several months. Compassion is committed to helping every enrolled child from day one. Thanks to your donation, even the children who are waiting for a sponsor can receive the benefits of being part of the sponsorship program.

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