Why write a letter

Writing letters to your sponsor child is an important part of Compassion's program. By letter, you and your child will learn about each other's lives and families. Your letter means so much. Let your sponsored child know that you are thinking of him or her. Over time, you get to know each other and get a relationship and who knows, maybe one day you will have the opportunity to visit your sponsored child.

Your letters make a difference in your sponsored child’s life. In a study on the impact of sponsor letters, we found:

The children feel a greater sense of joy, love, encouragement and belonging.

They feel more motivated in school and in church activities.

The children gain better confidence.

The letters are often saved and the children read them regularly.

Write a letter HERE

Your letter will be sent digitally to Compassion's office for translation.

Your letter is printed at the national office in the country where your child lives and then it will be delivered to your sponsored child.

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