How does Compassion work

Compassion releases children from poverty in Jesus name.

We believe that people can be completely transformed in depth as it happens from the inside out. That is why we teach the children that God loves them unconditionally. It gives them an extra and necessary strength in their pursuit out of poverty.

The main focus of the sponsorship program is on every single child living in extreme poverty as they are the most vulnerable. We say we work holistically. This means that we take care of more than just the financial and physical needs. We also care for the children's social and spiritual needs. Life is so much more than just health and economy. We want to teach children that they are important and loved, that there is a God who loves them, has a plan for them and that they have the same value as everyone else. Teamwork and participating in activities with other children is also important for the child's future.

How does a holistic model for child development work?

Through the local church, we can meet the children’s needs in all aspects of their lives:

Economical - The children go to school and receive the education that the country offers. Your sponsorship money is used for, for example, school fees, school uniforms, food, clothing, health checks, medicine treatments and study literature. We also offer homework help and vocational training.

Physical - Every child's health is a top priority and we ensure that they receive regular health checks, vaccinations and medical help when needed. We arrange and encourage the children to engage in various activities such as sports and games. Of course, we also teach the children and their parents how important it is to take care of their hygiene to avoid illness.

Social - Through Compassion, the children are helped from the inside out. They receive love and encouragement from the center staff but also from the letters you write as a sponsor.

Spiritual - All children get to hear about God and His unconditional love. They hear about Jesus in a way that suits their age and context. All children receive a Bible. At the center, prayer and singing are also parts of the activities.

But does it really make a difference?

Yes. According to independent research, Compassion children are:

27–40%  more likely to finish secondary education.

14-18% more likely to get paid work than their peers who do not have a sponsor. In addition, they have a 35% greater chance of getting an administrative job or a role as a leader.

40-70% more likely to get leadership responsibility within the local church than their peers who do not have a sponsor.

Why do we focus on children?

People change societies.

Long lasting change in a society happens when children grow up with good health, learn to read and write, have a good self-esteem and can collaborate with others.

At the Compassion Center, children learn that they are loved and begin to hope for their future. When they realize that God wants to use them to help others, they grow up and become leaders, often driven by the will to give back.

Why do we partner with the local church?

In the developing countries where Compassion operates, we cooperate with the local churches. We believe that the local church is the best partner you can have when it comes to fighting poverty. They know their neighborhoods, they know the language, the culture and the need for those who live here. They have the respect of the inhabitants and they also know best which families need our help the most.

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