Sponsor a child through Compassion

Compassion is the world's 3rd largest sponsorship organisation and helps more than 2.2 million children in 27 countries. Compassion releases children from poverty through 1-1 sponsorship. We see the individual child and work holistically to meet their physical, emotional, financial and spiritual needs. We want to give every child a chance to enter into adulthood as a whole human being.

You can not save the whole world, but for 32 or 35€ a month you can save the whole world for a child.

The additional 3€ are used for needs that are not covered by the sponsorship in Compassion programs where it is most needed, such as clean water, sanitation, disaster relief or registered children who do not have a sponsor yet.


We help the children with their primary school education and give them the opportunity to go to high school. We also offer vocational training and leisure activities such as sports, music and computer knowledge.

Healthcare, hygiene and healthy diet

At the center, the children get healthy food and they participate in various activities. They go through regular health checks and learn to take care of themselves and build healthy relationships.

Love and support from the local church

Since we always cooperate with local churches, the children have the opportunity to hear about Jesus. Through the staff of the church, the children are known, loved and protected.

Personal attention and guidance

The children are seen and noticed. They are encouraged to discover their gifts, interests and abilities. You as a sponsor also play an important role in this through prayer and letter contact.

Why do you work with one-to-one sponsorship?

Compassion works holistically, we help every child to develop physically, economically, socially and spiritually.

Through many years of experience, we have countless examples that the relationship between you as a sponsor and the child is what makes a big difference. Your relationship builds the child's self-esteem and self-confidence while at the same time you see in a very concrete way that the help is efficient.

We have found independent research that shows that Compassion's one-to-one sponsorship is effective and works.

Why do you work through local Churches?

Compassion works exclusively with local Churches because they can best understand and manage the challenges that exist in their community. The local Church is well known and respected and can reach the children who have the greatest needs.

Do the children need to be Christians to register in our programs?

Absolutely not! We encourage all children and families regardless of religion and background to come to our center.

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