Om Compassion

Releasing children from poverty in Jesus name

Compassion is the world's third largest sponsorship organization and we release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

Compassion is working to release children from poverty and we have been doing that this since 1952. We want to be one of the answers to the great commission. We always work through local churches, it is the local church in the area that runs the sponsorship program. The church is located close to where the children and their families live and is respected in the community. Our church partners know best what the families need. In addition to the sponsorship itself, the children's siblings and caregivers are given the opportunity to participate in the activities of the church and to hear the gospel of Jesus. Every child who participates in a Compassion project also receives age-appropriate Bible teaching.

Compassion release children from poverty through one-to-one sponsorship. As a sponsor you know who your sponsored child is and you can build a relationship with your child over time through letter writing. We say we work holistically, this means that we take care of more than just the financial and physical needs. We also care for the children's social and spiritual needs. We want to teach children that they are important and loved, that there is a God who loves them, has a plan for them and that they have the same value as everyone else even if they live in poverty. Teamwork and participating in activities with other children is also important for the child's future.

Through your sponsorship, the child and the family receive help with the most necessary, and in addition your sponsorship enables the siblings and parents to have a fellowship in the local church.

Compassion Finland is a branch of Compassion Sverige that started 2013. We are part of Compassion International and Compassion Nordic. In Stockholm we have the Compassion Nordic office. To get in touch with us click HERE.

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